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Winter 2015

Thanksgiving is a special kind of holiday.  It's one where you don't go out and spend money to buy gifts, but if honored correctly you stop reflect and give thanks for everything in life.  For me all of the remaining Thanksgiving Days will be marked with the memory of becoming cancer free on that day.


I can remember coming home a week later having to learn how to walk all over again.  It was if life took me back to babyhood, and it did.  But one day at a time I got the courage and confidence to walk a little more and further.  And this was during the winter time!  In 6 months time I was able to return back to gym and begin to use the treadmill and elliptical slowly.  At home I would try to do some of my low impact workouts but my body was not ready for that, so I did some of my chair aerobics workouts.


After awhile I was able to do 30 minutes on the elliptical at certain level, but what I missed was the cardio and dance workouts on the floor.  The time came a few months later but I worked out smart.  I paid attention to my body, my breathing and over all how I felt.  If I felt it taxing I would slow down or leave the class. Not embarrassed at all!


I was planning on making my come back to teach fitness again in the upcoming new year.  However life had something different.  I injured my back at work and that brought and end to me teaching dance and cardio like I use to.  In fact my running days outside are over.


I look back and reflect how grateful I am that I got the chance to dance, teach, run and all the physical exercises I did.  I would be one miserable person if I had not done a thing with my talent.


I look forward to life that is ahead of me and I believe it has some surprises for me.  To move the masses to fitness in spirit, soul and body.


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