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Gospel Aerobics

Get Your Praise On!  Burn Fat! Lose Weight!

In The Media


VH1 took the task to make Gospel Chair Aerobics look like a failure,  But God got the last laugh, check out who end up praising God in the end.

Gospel Line Dancing

Gospel Chair


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! im a 53 year old out of shape grandma. I love love working out in the way of´╗┐ dance aerobics etc especially hip hop and old school and crazy fun stuff worshiping my great God and Saviour!!!!! Thank you so much!!! God bless you richly!! Karin in North Carolina

Should Christians

Work Out?

The answer to that depends on who you talk to.  Some Christians see the body as evil and do not take the time to care for it. On the other end there are Christians so caught up in the health and wealth gospel that they think if they have enough faith God will give them the ideal one.   Both are in error.  The body was given to us from God to live in during our journey here on earth.  We are care for it, that is our spiritual worship.  But God did not meant for us to make a idol out of it by trying to get a beach body.  There are many people who don;t believe in God and take care of their body in a healthy way.  You don;t need to be thin, a 6 pack abs or bugling muscles to be the temple of God, just healthy. May the Lord open your eyes to this.


Paul Eugene

Cardio / Aerobics

Wanted´╗┐ a change from body gospel and this was a good choice. Working on being a better me, the me God wants me to be!    raimom08

Strength Training

Stretch / Meditation

You Should Consult Your Doctor Before Beginning Any Exercise Program

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