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Benefits of Chair Aerobics
Chair Aerobics is a aerobic exercise that requires
little space and just a chair or stability ball. In Chair
Aerobics you will utilize your legs, feet, heels, arms
and hands.

Aerobic Conditioning
A simple routine such as marching in place,pulling
arms back a back and forth movement and
alternating with over head and front arms push ups
will cause the heart rate to climb, thus aerobic
conditioning is being achieved.

Abdominal Exercises:
Transforming the chair marches into seated knee
lifts exercises your abdominal area.

Ankles and Calves
The heel-toe movement exercises your ankles and
calves. This executes a form of dynamic stretching
and can develop well-toned calves.

Strength Training
Adding light hand weights or can of vegetables you
can tone the shoulders, chest, biceps and triceps

Extending the legs out and up works the quad
muscles in the front part of the leg.
Chair Aerobics Exercise Video Clips
paul god bless you with the
gift of fitness your chair
arobics are out of site i found
you on the internet i know
that god makes no mistake i
have beent telling everyone
about you i discovered you 2
weeks ago and do your chair
arobics everyday i even tolld
my nutionist groupe about
you may god continue to
bless you you started me
back tol exercising again god
bless you debbie penny
conner - Boston

I just finished doing the Chair
Aerobics 1 and it was a great
workout.  This is such a good
workout for someone like me
with back problems and
plantar fascitis.  Just can't
take the pounding on my feet
anymore.  Thanks you for
putting this out there and I will
be sure to tell my "aging"
friends about it and send
them to your website!! Prince
George, VA
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I just have to say woo hoo, I just did the Latin Chair Aerobics, brrrrr! Thank you,
I had a ball and I feel fit!
Chair Aerobics 3 - Aerobic and strength
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